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I tested RBN spotting by posting an alert (marked TEST) then I sent a CQ.

RBN shows I was heard; however the SPOT did not post.

Looks like RBN spotting problems remain unresolved.

Or perhaps I made a process error?

Much appreciate all the work that goes into software transitions - many, many thanks!

If you (or anyone) would like to test RBN spotting over the next few hours, I believe I’ve identified another issue that stemmed out of the original ones, rectified it, and should now be processing spots.

Total uptime of RBNHole since monitoring started in 2016, for those who are interested:

de dx freq cq/dx snr speed time
NC7J AA0BV 7033.0 CW CQ [LoTW] 27 dB 14 wpm 0149z 14 Jun
WA7LNW AA0BV 7033.1 CW CQ [LoTW] 21 dB 13 wpm 0149z 14 Jun
N7TR AA0BV 7033.0 CW CQ [LoTW] 26 dB 14 wpm 0148z 14 Jun
N7TUG AA0BV 7033.0 CW CQ [LoTW] 15 dB 14 wpm 0148z 14 Jun

posted a test alert then sent a CQ - per above picked up by 4 RBN stations but not reflected by SPOTS.

Appreciate your effort to try to fix this! Many thanks.

Changed frequencies and sent another CQ - Victory!!!
Many thanks and best wishes - looks like it is working!

Changed frequencies once more and RBN picked me up and spotted me again.

:). Muchas gracias! Many thanks!

This is great!!

Thank you Andy!! The RBNHole has been so reliable for me - for hundreds of activations - that I have not seriously considered using anything else until the past few days!

Joe, thanks for the good news and for doing the tests!



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I think your alert hadn’t made it into RBNHole before you CQ’d. It updates every 5 minutes

Cough Andrew cough

Indeed, thanks, Joe!