RBN Spot: Strange behavior today

Hi all,

Sorry for todays confusion. After I’ve finished my SSB activation on DL/KW-045 I saw at SOTAwatch that my callsign had been spotted on 7.033 MHz in CW but I wasn’t calling CQ on this frequency.

I do not have any idea why I’ve been spotted on SOTAwatch today in the afternoon in CW.

Now I can see there is a RBN entry with my callsign on the spotted frequency at 15:04 UTC with a speed of 20wpm. But this RBN spot is definitely not caused by me.

Today I did not call CQ on CW I just had a summit to summit contact with OK1XVZ a couple of minutes before at about 15:00 UTC on the frequency 7.032 MHz, i.e 1 kHz, below the spotted frequency, with a much slower CW speed.

Maybe I should take it as a hint/sign of a higher power which wants me to stop my procrastination of my first SOTA activation in CW :slight_smile:

Once again my excuses for todays confusion. And I hope nobody is thinking “Stephan on cw” is just a joke and will ignore me in the future.

73 de Stephan, DM1LE