Raspberry Pi SOTA spots parrot

For chasers who have a spare Rasp Pi to play, SOTA spots parrot:

The code:

enjoy :slight_smile:
73, Panos

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Panos, that looks like fun !
Thanks for the code .

Andrew - K1YMI

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Very cool, thanks…


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That is nice since it does not need a monitor. CW could be used too. Or the RPi could tune the radio directly on the spotted frequency. Or tune the some web based SDR to listen the activator.

I tried once a setup where you connect the RPi to the TV screen with the HDMI cable and the midori web browser is displaying the SOTA web page in real time. Kind of web kiosk box. That works as long as there are no problems with the network connection.

BTW if you need a ham friendly power supply for the RPi there is a DIY project for that in my github.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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I use this to power my RPi for portable use.


It’s efficient, cheap, doesn’t make any HF noise, the provided connector fits straight onto the RPi. Apply a 3S LiPO and the RPi is up and running in seconds. I couldn’t buy the parts for what this cost and make it small enough to fit the RPi box.


Nice project Jaako, i also use a RC models BEC feeding 7.4 volts from an old laptop battery (one battery gave two 7.4 volt units). I have 5.3 to 5.4 volts on board with wifi dongle running.

If you try the above program for stand-alone use (no monitor, no keyboard), consider to put in rc.local enough time delay (say 60sec) before “sudo python” command. Wifi needs the time to get its ip.

73, Panos

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Hi Andy,

That is the solution for the light weight portable use. I am using the RPi at home from the same 12 V supply like my radios and LED lights. RPi is really a DIY system since you need to worry about these basic things like how to get power to it.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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I found this page very helpful. Getting a Python script to run in the background (as a service) on boot
I have it running as a background service… and starts on bootup.
Panos, I quickly looked at the .py script. Is there a way to speed up the speech? I did not notice a way, but I maybe missing something.

73, Andrew

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Thanks for the link Andrew , if you tried that method and works without problems then sure I will give a try too.
As for the speech speed i believe that is something with Google Translate side and you can not do any tune on speed. Actually, looking around, i found that they slowed down the speed a year ago after complaints for the opposite: speed being too fast.

Be aware that my code was just a thirty minutes “proof of concept”. Maybe you need to add some lowercase letters in phonetics array to cover all the modes or do some work on strings filtering method to cover all the differences in Twitter posts.

But I am somehow hooked now, if i don’t listen ‘Panos we have a spot!’ for a while, i feeling alone :slight_smile:

73, Panos