Two M1’s on the same summit at the same time. Used to be very common. Now rare DX.


From the subject I thought you may be doing something different not the same old same old on the same old same old as per usual.

Firstly, hello Alan.
Secondly, I can hit the muted button now and ignore another thread.


Well I’ve not done 12m or 10m for a long time. I haven’t jointly activated with a fellow M1 for even longer.

Or is it me posting about doing SOTA on the SOTA Reflector? Shock horror.

Don’t understand why you can’t hear me on ft8 when everyone else can, but never mind have been trying for over an hour.

I don’t know about rare, they look well done to me!

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Tom’s system is fully automatic so he will have to ask his Windows Tablet what’s going on.



Nothing rx’d from you Allen. Which band were you clg me on?

Not my fault no barbers are open Brian :wink:

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10 m and 17 m I think Tom

Have reset the radio and setup again just in case there was sommat wrong my end but you were booming through anyways.

I definitely wouldn’t have heard you clg on 17 as I wasn’t on that band! Presume you mean 12. Was your clock (DT) in sync?

think so as it’s automatic…not to worry mate will catch you next time hopefully.

best 73

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Great to meet up at last Tom! @M1EYP


Nice mountain flowers!

Yaaah Thanks Tom at last lol

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Don’t know if this is the correct category, but … 24 hours without a post from M1EYP!!


“Rarely, rarely, comest thou, spirit of delight”!

Please don’t encourage him.

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Even Rarer Tom!??:-

An M6 licence holder using morse? !! This was my 1st activation in 2017 on Whernside I think.

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