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R9U/SO-43 new one

Members: Marat (RA9WJV), Oleg (RV9WNM) and RX9WT.
Equipment: FT-817, folding 14 MHz GP with ATU.
Location: The eastern edge of the southern Urals.

The landscapes of the southern Urals are very diverse.
There are mountains and rivers and deep taiga here.
But on the easternmost edge of the southern Urals there is a remarkable beauty area.
There is everything at once, and against the background of endless plains. Where Siberia begins.

On June 16, three friends Marat, Oleg and Vlad decided to visit these places and at the same time activate the most beautiful summit.
It seemed to us that this should be R9U/SO-043.

Leaving the car, we went through the forest higher and higher up the hill.
The old army map in my PC led us to the wrong summit at first)
Only having risen on top, we understood our mistake, the necessary R9U/SO-43 turned out to the north, in 4 kilometers.
Having determined the right direction, we went further along the taiga, trying not to lose altitude.

For us climbing to the rocky top was not so difficult.

Without wasting time, we quickly installed the antenna and connected the radio.

Our signals were on 14, 18 MHz and VHF/UHF.


Absolutely stunning! Congrats on a wonderful activation and thanks for sharing.

73 de Paul G4MD

It was hot in the morning, but in the afternoon the weather became visibly colder.

Strong signals of contest left no chance to CW work on 14 MHz. But on 18 MHz propogation to Europe was weak.
On my first CQ unexpectedly answered K4DY.
His signal was much louder than other chasers from Europe! Only 5 CW QSO in during 20 minutes… Marat and Oleg had several more SSB QSO on 20 and 17 m. Only 2 QSO on VHF/UHF.
It was not the best result, but the impressions were unforgettable.

When we had finished our work, we turned off the position and went back.
This time the azimuth did not fail us.


Paul, thanks for the support. It’s nice that you liked the story.

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