R9U/SO-038 Activation report

Hi dear friends! I had activated my new summit on Malinovaya (in English language it would be called “Crimson” or “Raspberry”) mountain , I used FT-817 and Inv-vee antenna on 20 meter band, at 2m band i used Yagee 3 el, but i had no QSO. Unfortunately no one answered me. Got only 6 SSB QSO on about 20 minutes, report was 59. It’s pretty for 5W power. Suddenly the contest started and I was moved by powerful stations. The whole range was occupied on SSB an CW, even at 14.060. It was cold and the sun began to decline and it was still impossible to stay long. However, the activation was successful. We returned to the camp already in pitch darkness. I would like to describe in more detail, but for now I am attaching a video report:

R9U/SO-038 Activation by R9WY/p


Эльдар, очень рад увидеть твою работу здесь!
Кино получилось выразительное.


Thank you for sharing. Nice drone video also. Bold music choice :metal:

Unfortunately I can’t use drones in Austria on the mountain because of legal restrictions. Would be nice for my videos too.

73 Joe, OE5JFE

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Красивое видео! 73 de K6MAA

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