Quick shot on OE/TI-509

Hi everybody,

after more than 2 years of an injury related absence from SOTA I took the opportunity to activate Einstein, OE/TI-509 the day before yesterday. The weather looked good and I was surprised to find rather mild temperatures during the ascent but an ice cold breeze on the summit itself.

Unfortunately I had started a bit too late. After a short time on the summit big clouds were shielding what otherwise could have been a springlike experience. Starting to cq on 15m with no success I went to 20m and down to 40m, where Hansjoerg OE7PHI answered almost immediately.

Condx on HF were somewhat strange with an huge amount of deep and quick qsb and I repeatedly lost signals from one second to another. I eventually changed from a short dipole to a 21ft vertical which did the trick on 40.

Since my last activation in 2011 I had modified my equipment. Instead of the Palm paddle I was carrying a homebrewn touch paddle which normally works very fine but not too smooth in the cold with clumsy fingers :slight_smile: and after 15 minutes I noticed that the battery was flattening more and more when it suddenly stuck. Glad to find a spare battery in my rucksack.

And, it was the inaugural event for my KX3, which slept in its case for most of the time since I purchased it, just waiting for this event. I must say I am deeply impressed of its performance!

Eventually the cold wind became almost unbearable and I decided to call it a day. Now, after two days I still feel fine (which is a good indicator that I have recovered entirely) except the sore muscles in my thighs due to the special physical motion during descent, which I am no longer used to.

I have uploaded a new panorama to


Thanks again to all callers!

Bernhard DL4CW

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Nice to see you back Bernhard.

Today, Barry GM4TOE another of the long term injured is out on the hills. 2 of the injured back outside, a good start to 2014.


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Hi Andy,

many thanks, hope you are keeping well, too! Glad to be back - at last :slight_smile: All the very best for 2014!

73 Bernhard DL4CW

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Hi Bernhard . glad to see you back on track ! I thought that had lost interest in SOTA… cu, 73
kurt HB9AFI

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Hello Bernhard,

great to hear that you are back to SOTA activations again.

By coincidence, I began my SOTA activities here in DL at the time, when you stopped yours. So there was never a chance, to meet you on the bands, not to mention on a summit. But looking at your photos and the list of your activations, including some marvellous alpine destinations, has always been a great inspiration and motivation for me, to carry my radio up to the higher DL and OE summits.
Hope to hear you soon on the bands.

73 Stephan, DM1LE

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Thanks everybody for the kind words, very much appreciated!

Kurt, I hope to see you again next June in Fried!

Stephan, would be my pleasure, I hope there will be an opportunity for a joint activation next summer!

73 Bernhard DL4CW

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Hallo Bernhard, schön, dass du wieder bei SOTA aktiv sein kannst!
Good luck, 73 Martin DF3MC

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Glad to be back on a hill but at -12C with the windchill not very welcoming!

Unfortunately it seems as if the back gremlin is still working within SOTA - Jack GM4COX called in on 40m and he seems to have been laid low with a back problem - need to recommend him to my physiotherapist?

Now time to discover which linament to rub into my aching thighs (or more acceptably - pour down my throat!)


Barry GM4TOE