Fri 11:08 YU/SQ9MDN/P on YU/ZS-004 7.1625 ssb

  • (via RRT) (Posted by SQ9MDN)
    Fri 11:06 F6HBI/P on F/AM-503 24.906 cw
    *CQ CQ at 27 wpm. S/N=12 dB at R6YY {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
    Fri 11:04 YU/SQ9PND/P on YU/ZS-005 14.285 ssb
    Milosz, hope 40m later? (Posted by SV2OXS)
    Fri 10:56 F6HBI/P on F/AM-503 28.0443 cw
    *CQ CQ at 27 wpm. S/N=20 dB at SM6FMB {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
    Fri 10:54 YU/SQ9PND/P on YU/ZS-005 14.285 ssb
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any one else notice this on two different peaks in 4 minutes he was still being heard on ZS005 at 11:13hrs utc

Questionable i feel

I don’t think “questionable” at all. Two friends Milosz and Jacek decide to go to YU and each activate a summit and then cross over and switch summits hence the time gap before second round of spots commencing 11Z ish.

The proximity of the two summits may have given you a clue.!
ZS-004 = LAT 43 17 46N LONG 20 20 36E
ZS-005= LAT 43 18 43N LONG 20 23 28E


I can confirm they are together. They gave us heads-up on SP forum.
I also met Milosz in person, and having spent some time together, one thing I can tell for sure - he is very strict in following the rules. Sometimes even too strict (meaning: literal in following the rules)… :slight_smile:

Have you checked the OS these summits can be adjacent? Some summits have 2 references side by side and moving a couple of yards you can activate the two. Don.

I think it is not questionable. The two summits are abt 5 km apart, one of them is close to the road running towards the second summit. In my opinion It was briliant idea to make simultaneous activation of these two summits with two operators.

thanks for thast info folks

Two different stations Karl. Watch out for the number of pairs of G/GW stations that do something similar with GW/NW-042 and GW/NW-043 in the New Year.

Don, what you describe should not be possible. There have been instances of it in the past, and these have been found and removed from summits lists. If you know of such places still live in SOTA, please report them to the appropriate Association Manager(s).

The whole concept of prominence and our use of it should ensure that this doesn’t happen. The edge of an activation zone will be 25m lower than the summit. In P150 associations you would still need to drop a minimum further 125m before re ascending the same amount again (minimum) before you could possibly be in the AZ of a different summit.