Question about transatlantic QSO


I did my first SOTA activation one week ago (EA2/NV-092) and I had much more success than I expected.

I used my FT-817, a vertical wire of 8 meters long plus 4 wires for ground plane and the Z-817 antenna tuner.
It was a real pleasure to work many hams (79) along europe both in 20 and 40 meters, phone and CW.

The question I want to share with you is that I had a call that morning from W1OW.
It was a surprise for me to be able to work W1 entity running 5 watts into a single wire at that time in the day (round midday). The signals were lower than for the european hams and his voice sounded a little faint and suffered from QSB, but the QSO went on consistently and we could complete his call and report.

After I return home and upload the log, I checked the W1OW info via QRZ and there is not much about him. I can’t see him either in the Sota Database as a chaser or activator.

With the concern if the contact was a real one or if I misundertood his callsign, I would like to hear your opinion about it.
Is there any of you that also count with him in your log during your activations?

Thanks in advance for any comment. Hope to activate some more this summer.
Best 73

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Hi Ignacio, I have worked Bill 3 times from the summits - 2006, 2008 & 2010 so I think your contact was ok. 5w is enough to work dx on HF & it should become easier in the next year or 2. I have worked China on 5w & all over S America. When 10m is working well, 5w will get plenty of dx.
73 Steve.

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You probably got his call correct. Many times American hams will jump on the chance to speak to a QRP DX station, I know I would! Most of the time you only hear Americans & Canadians while in North America and when you do hear DX, the DX station is working a pileup and only wants to exchange reports and move to the next contact. Not fun IMO. I would guess that a U.S. ham would give you a call and make contact w/o even knowing what SOTA is. Take care and have fun!


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The question I want to share with you is that I had a call that
morning from W1OW.

Hello Ignacio

Although I haven’t worked him on for SOTA, W1OW pops up now and again on my WFF activations

So no doubts, from here


In reply to ALL:

thanks for your info, I feel sure now. Look forward to work you all and as many DX as possible.
I think QRP gives much more satisfaction than 100 watts QSO’s…

Cheers 73