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Question about [+3]

Hello at all,

I have seen on the sotawatch some spots with +3] foolowing a call, for exemple:

G7TAS/P +3]

What means this +3] ?

Thanks in advance.

73’s de Laurent F8CZI

In reply to F8CZI:

It means there are 3 other spots for the same activation that are not being shown directly - if you move the mouse pointer over the spot you should see the details of the other spots.

Stewart G0LGS

In reply to F8CZI:


You have set you display option to “Compact View”. Therefore you will see only one spot per callsign, even if there are multiple spots. The +3] tells you that there are three more spots for the same callsign and same summit. These additional spots become visible when you move the mouse cursor over the callsign.

73 Heinz

In reply to OE5EEP and G0LGS:

Hi Stewart and Heinz,

Thanks for the answers, now it’s clear for me. I have seen that in some cases, more spots was displayed when moving the mouse. But I don’t realized that number of spots was written in the main spot !

73’s de Laurent F8CZI