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Quadruple HF Sota2Sota

On Sunday morning 27 June, something remarkable happened: an unplanned quadruple Sota2Sota on HF.

On 7.122, the following stations found each other:

  1. OE5HCE/P - Christian on OE/ST-103
  2. OE5PEN/P - Erwin on OE/OO-287
  3. DL3SBA/P - Lutz on DM/NW-194
  4. DL/ON9CBQ/P - Franz and DL/ON4UP/P - Peter both on DM/BW-082

Has this happened already before?

FB Peter,

In April 2006, there was an “SP Fun Day” - G/SP region. All 17 SP SOTA summits were simultaneous activated, and each one had a S2S with each other one - apart from 2. But 134 S2S contacts out of a possible 136 wasn’t bad hi, and all within a 60 minute time window! I’m certain that there will have been 4 or more SOTA summits together on a single QRG several times in this event.

Other events have also stimulated many S2S contacts within a short time frame, such as the NP Fun Day, the G/LD youth hostel SOTA weekends, the GW/NW SOTA BBQ & camping weekends and the two International SOTA Weekends.

Best regards es 73,


In reply to ON4UP:

Hi Peter,

I do not know whether this happened already before, but the last sunday morning was a real SOTA highlights for me:
first I have had a S2S QSO with the happiest man in the world OE5HCE/p Christian after his marriage proposal to Sandra and her answer “yes, sure”.
After that OE5PEN/p Erwin, DL/ON9CBQ/p Franz and you DL/ON4UP/p Peter were calling in for a S2S QSO. Christian was so friendly to share “his” QRG with us, so we have had a nice chat between four summits OP and we could congratulate Sandra and Christian!
This was the first time that I could qualify a summit with four S2S QSO’s at the beginning of an activation. Thank you very much.
By the way, my 5.QSO was a S2S with GW4WSB/p Bill on GW/MW-014.
Therefore I think you are right, this was a very remarkable SOTA day indeed.

73 de Lutz

In reply to DL3SBA:

Lutz, I’ve had 4 S2S QSOs on an activation but I still haven’t had 4 S2S QSO in the first 4 contacts. One day though…