Qsos expire,????

Hi happy new year. They ask me if the qsos from years ago expire, we can’t upload them. Example want to upload a hunter qso of the year 2019, is it possible? Thanks for the answer … Greetings EC2AG

Try uploading one and see if it takes. I never thought about that.


Interesting idea. Old points degrading. If this were 4 months later I’d suggest.
Up to 5 yo, no change.
5 -7 yo down to 50% of original.
7 - 10 yo down to 25% of original.
10 yo + cancelled.
That could get people out more often so they can maintain their table status.



Yes, and the MT could form an Enforcement Squad to reclaim MG trophies that become “time expired”. Recycling them would be a valuable new income stream :rofl:


Many a true word said in jest. A serious request along similar lines was recently received by MT!

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Ye Gods! You can only wonder at the motivation behind such a request. Hopefully not too much MT time was wasted discussing it :-s

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I think it ran on back and forth between the requester and MT for about 7 months.

MT guys,

Was a decision reached?
You don’t say.


It’s very simple Ron. It would be easy for the MT to assume the person was not being serious and was just trying to waste our time especially due to the nature of the request and a knowledge of other events. However, the question was asked reasonably politely and so deserved a proper response. Unfortunately, having explained the errors in the assumptions made, the questioner would not respond to emails for many weeks and then restart the issue in a less polite manner each time with why we should ask a 3rd party to return the 3rd party’s glass award the 3rd party had paid for. Eventually we explained for the last time why they were wrong and the matter was closed.

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Ah, so the answer was no the MT does not think this is a good idea and it will not be implemented.

Jolly good, now we know. Thank you for the clarification Andy. I was wondering if the door had been left open a wee bit. Time to move on.


I think you and me are asking and responding to different questions.

I think Ron was referring to the idea of degrading points scores over time. I think this is a bad idea, because some of those activators are now SK, and I would rather that their achievements during their lifetime should stand as a monument, as in time will the scores of us all.


Or did Ron mean about the length of time it took someone to enter their logs, with the degradation penalty increasing the later someone was with this process? Either way, a dreadful idea!

My remark about a “similar request” was in reply to Paul’s humorous comment about an MT Enforcement Squad reclaiming MG trophies, not about Ron’s proposal.

Ron did have a subtle “4 months time” in his post which I did note :wink:

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Elliott, K6EL
Third Party

I get the impression that might have been about six months, thirty days, 23 hours and fifty-nine minutes too long… :wink:

Indeed. But sadly we cannot ignore people just because we think they are trying to waste our time or be obtuse.