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QSL from UK via buro and more

Hi all,
As I am an QSL card collector I like to recieve cards very much.
Only problem, I have already 16 shoe boxes full., hi hi.
So one card for a first SOTA qso will do. Of course I like custom made cards from activators of summits, castles, lighthouses and so on.
Last 3 month there seems to be something happening in the UK.
I recieve a lot of cards from the periode I started my SOTA in September 2008
from UK stations. I know for shure they do not keep them at our buro!
Well not a record, few months ago I got a card for a QSO in 1992…, from Germany.
Perhaps retired and had time now?
Hope to work you all soon, but no holidays planned so far, so not as an activator.
Soon I will be more in my 2nd QTH, a shared shack on a farm with low QRM and a tower. Beams for 2m, 6m and 70cm and wires and vertical for HF.
73 de Hans PA3FYG

QSL bureaux are usually run by volunteers (and that’s a good thing, otherwise the club fees would be more expensive), which means that delays and intermittent operation are part of the game. Some QSL managers wait until they have gathered a certain amount of QSL cards close to the maximum weight of a parcel (or close to a weight step, at any rate), in order to save postage.

As for the old card, maybe it was a second try, after the sender checked the log and noticed that the first card had not been answered yet (presumably because it was lost in transit).

73, Jan-Martin