A reminder that the joint QRPTTF/SOTA event will be Saturday. QRPTTF typically provides additional chasers looking to work SOTA stations for the extra points (SOTA stations are worth two multipliers, one for the SPC, one for the summit). Of course, each SOTA contact counts for QRPTTF as well with the times 3 multiplier. So GL to all, have fun, take (and submit) a photo or two, and hope your efforts are rewarded with extra Qs.
Rules are here: http://www.zianet.com/qrp/qrpttf/2018/ttf.htm

72, Paul NA5N


Hi Paul,
I think this might nicely overlap with the EU-NA S2S event tomorrow. We could get a nice number of activators out on summits. Now all we need is some good conditions …

73 Ed.

yes, hopefully not like today…


Solar wind forecast for the next 5 days from NOAA:

Yes, I have posted to QRP-L to listen for the EU-NA SOTA stations and also been contacted by the Brazil club regarding their Saturday CW DX contest … so hopefully lots of DX activity and chasers. Most NA QRPers would love to get a few EU/PY stations in the log. GL to all and hope for plenty of S2S.

72, Paul NA5N

A geomagnetic storm currently in progress due to an interplanetary shock wave from the sun. Forecast for it to subside this evening. Typically, our geomagnetic field (and HF noise) gets very quiet right after a disturbance, so hopefully nice, quiet conditions tomorrow. Solar flux at 71 - the best we can hope for during the solar minimum.


FWIW, we intentionally aligned the EU-NA s2s event and NA SOTA Spring Activity weekend with Saturday’s QRPTTF. This was NO accident :grinning:

73, Barry N1EU


I forgot to align the sunspots up with this event tomorrow…DOH!!!

May the solar force be with us…



Looks like you did align the sunspots Pete!


K is slowly coming down as well…