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QRPTTF/SOTA Event on 25April

I agree, Barry. I have several times got the help of some chasers warning the activator when I was calling S2S from another summit. Not always quite immediately, but after some calls and I also have experienced some cases where nobody did so for some quite long time (relatively speaking considering all constrains in a summit) and I finally had to give up unable to make myself audible through the EU pile-up.
From my experience, American chasers are usually very kind making QRX when I’m calling some US activators as a chasers from my home shack.
However, one possible reason for European chasers being less kind than North Americans about S2S warnings and QRX is that being the USA+Canada territory much more extense than Europe and possibly having more SOTA participants in Europe than in North America, without any precise data in hand, I have the feel that there are more SOTA chasers per square Km or Mile in Europe than in North America (higher chaser’s density), so the pile-ups have a bigger number of chasers in Europe making it more difficult for us to hear a weak activator calling for S2S than in North America.
This is just an argument trying to explain the reason for Europeans being less kind about S2S warnings and QRX, but it’s definitely true that chaser’s hunger or eagerness is sometimes stronger than gentleness for many of the chasers in Europe.
Best 73 de Guru.

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