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This may cause me to have to send u an RST other than 559, which would likely be a first! Hi Hi


Hi Pete. I’m still planning on using qrp for Cw, because it works so well. Unless the band is changing and someone is ready to go qrt soon; then maybe I’ll try some heat. Hi ! Just worked Andrew, KD5ZZK on SSB, today and got my FIRST ever 59 . I was like … Wow… wasn’t expecting that . 73 and catch you on the air . de Scotty

Congrats on the amp Scotty. Didn’t you fire up the amp when I was QRV from Dogback last month? I fell backwards off my stool when you answered my call. BIG SIGNAL.

HEX BEAM - Wow, I actually got to use one from a buddies QTH in Kentucky…Plays great…good choice.

All the best for now and looking forward to working you many times from a HILL.

Dennis - WA2USA

No Dennis . Got the amp for my birthday on the 11th of November. I’m still running qrp on cw. I’m primarily using it , if need be on SSB. When you gave me such a good signal it was just the propagation gods smiling on us. And I don’t have a Hex Beam yet. I just think that’s the way to go for me , when I pull the trigger, somewhere in the next year or two.
The xyl has other ideas for 2016 and she deserves it. She is a very patient woman. We are coming up on our 45th anniversary on the 17th. 73 Den and all the best. Scotty
P. S. I might be out on Saturday the 12th to activate my little local hill. W3/ER-001. Maybe catch you then. The weather looks awesome.

I recently offered Virgil some feedback on his new website, which he graciously acknowledged, so his email as per the site is definitely working.

Andrew vk1da

Congrats on the new amp, Scotty! You are often the ghost in my radio but we still pull off the contact most of the time. :grinning: It will be nice to be able to go beyond the perfunctory reports on more occasions.

It is definitely starting to sound like an echo in here, but I can also give big praise for the hexbeam. In my search for SOTA DX, I have kinda abandoned my home QRP setup in the last year and moved up to a hexbeam and QRO (not to mention that I was getting tired of hooking/unhooking the KX3 for activations all the time). The hexbeam has been a game changer for me.

73, pat - KI4SVM


I can also recommend the Hardrock-50 amp from http://hobbypcb.com. It offers up to 50W (I thought the HF Packer was only 35W?) on 160-6 meters and there is an optional antenna tuner available. It can do automatic band switching with a KX3 or 817, but I prefer to not complicate my activations with another cable. Support from the designer is simply amazing and he guarantees a working amp, even if he has to finish it for you. It was my first attempt at building any kit and I had a blast. I almost never leave home without it now. :grinning:

Here she is on DM/HE-482 - Jägerhorn.

73, pat - KI4SVM

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Thank you, Andrew.

Thank you, Pat.

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