QRP Telemark

2/11 -08 Sri all ops.
I had no plan for activating LA/TM-013.
Only to qso LA1ENA/p Aage while he was qrv from LA/TM-021 on CW.
LA1TPA/p was qrv from LA/TM-049. Hoped to qso with him on VHF phone.
I went up relative late in day and was therefore qrv only short time.
Must attend to a family event at 17:00 local time.

Rig was KX1 and 7m wire.

72/73 to you all de Kjell

Was on Dalfjell LA/TM-066.

Sun is going down over the mountains at 1600 local time or 1500 GMT.
So I must go qrt at this time. I do not want to wander around in the dark.
WX was nice +2c when I went up and -1c at 1640 local time in my car.
The little snow that come earlier is almost all gone due to rain.
But today nice suny day.

My KX1 rig has bad sensitivity on 10Mc.
2uV was best result with test equipment at LA1G.
I belie that coils in filter module most be modified. Any tips?

WX was foggy due to cold weather. Some -2c.
Some places it had come some snow during the last days.
I was planning a short trip.
It was to be Stangefjell in Nome.LA/TM-101
En rout I had some problem on the last part of the road due to steep hill and only ice to drive on. But with snow chains on it was no more a problem. My trusty Viking ship aka Volvo found its way up.
A farmer told me a better rout to the top.( I have only hes word for it)
I got an advice from LA1TPA Mads to bring a GPS since top point was difficult to locate.

I had a qso with LA1TPA/P Mads on 144.550 FM.
He was on Jonneberg LA/TM-030.
I use a VX-3 for VHF phone.( For qso with friends)

I talked to LA1ENA Aage on thelephone later and he told me that he was at Rundkollen in Drangedal LA/TM-053.
But he was qrt before I got up to my summit.
I think it is relative high activation factor in Telemark right now.

Have funn all and hpe cu sn.
73 de LA1KHA Kjell

TM-101 Stangefjell.