QRP guys 80/60m vertical

Well yes, the dipole is more balanced. I use PVC covered hook up wire that is 20 strand with an overall diameter including insulation on 1.2mm for the dipole and some silver plated Teflon covered wire for the vertical that is 2mm OD. Teflon wire is wonderful as it just wont kink.

Nice choice Evan, that channel is in the centre of the ITU WRC15 60m band!

73 Ed.

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FYI This antenna is now shipping. I have one coming personally :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of getting this eventually and trying to turn it into a 20/30/40/60M vertical. If the coil taps were more adjustable, like Buddipole, it would be an easier job but it would be a far more expensive, heavy antenna. I otherwise like the design of the antenna though.

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The Chinese fishing pole I ordered on the third arrived today (epacket for shipping) all they did was bubble wrap it but it arrived in one piece. It is more compact then the crappie pole which is nice. I’ll try it at the next summit.

My only compaint, instead of an eyelet at the tip there is a piece of short red string. The crappie pole has an eyelet that 26 gauge wire fits through. I’ll have to work out a fix.

weave a 3-4 inch length of 300-ohm window line through the tip of the last pole section and use the window line slots to pass your antenna wire through

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You can make a eyelet out of a paper clip (hammer the “feet” flat) and then whip-finish it to the tip the way you would a fishing guide:

etc. I finished mine with epoxy because I had it, but you could just as easily use fingernail polish etc.