QRM RTTY 7 mhz


Heavy QRM, today (10 September) as well, 59+40 on 7.029 mhz ±3 khz sounds like rtty, also on 7.0315 but weaker signal.
73 de SA4BLM/ Lars

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It was copyable here earlier this week Lars. I doubt it is amateur. :frowning_face:

I also had this qrm during my activation on DM/BW-001 on Wednesday afternoon.

Maybe someone can decode the signal and if it is an amateur, tell them that this is not the right frequency.

73 Armin

now at 06:30utc I’ve RTTY sigs on 7.029 599 :roll_eyes: can’t decode on Ham standart

Good morning
Still there today 7.029 (cw mode) 9+40db very wide digital signal, directions seem to be from the east…
Activators pse avoid ± 2-3 khz
Maybe someone with a directional antenna in central Europe can check as well.

The signal is discernible here in JN48MM on my dipole right now (~ 10:30 UTC).

The homepage of “Bandwacht” (German intruder watch) Seite nicht gefunden - DARC doesn’t show an entry for this QRG/ mode yet.
I submitted an intruder alert to Bandwacht.

73, Roman

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… Bandwacht already replied:

“The day before yesterday we already submitted a notification to the federal network agency.
Please continue monitoring.”

Hope they can get rid of the intruder!

73, Roman


I think that is probably the same signal I have heard from California. It sounds like
100 WPM encrypted RTTY. You won’t be able to decode it. Probably military/government signals.
Good frequency to stay away from! 73,
John, K6YK

Hi ,

Ok today monday Sep 14, QRM signal still there.
It has been on for about 6 days now.
With rig in cw mode strong signal 59+30db on 7.029 mhz, also weaker signal on 7026.5 and 7031.5,
(ie ±2.5khz QRM covering several khz).

73 de SA4BLM/ Lars

Hi Lars,

today between 10:00 and 11:00 utc the signal was S9 +10 dB on several Kiwi- SDRs around Moscow. Here in JN48 it was only about S6 on my dipole.
If it’s Russian government or military it will probably stay for a while…

73, Roman
btw: Thanks for your calls on Sept. 12th!

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We are probably lucky and the intruder is gone for good. It couldn’t be heard for several days in a row.
According to the preliminary assessment of the Federal Network Agency, the intruder was a Russian navy station from Saint Petersburg. No surprise he was that loud in Sweden…
73, Roman

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