Qrg - info

hi all,
next activations i will also do 20m cw and ssb.
i will start all comming activations on 30m - 10118khc,
then a qsy to 7032-cw and 7118-ssb / by bc-qrm i will call on 7068 + - 5khc,
after 40 i qsy to 14060-cw and after on 14285-ssb,
and the last calls i make on 3558-cw for my friends in HB9

all qrg´s are plus/minus qrm / qso´s . so its usefull to look 5 up or down from the spotted qrg.
on 30m and 40m i will call every time after the “pile-up” in qrs, but all qrs-stations can call me also at the beginning or in the mid of an activation. i try to come back in ur speed :wink:

today i try´ed sota with a short vertical with coils for the bands 40/30 and 20m , but i think little antennas i don´t like any more after this activation :wink: made 41 qso´s . 38 in cw and 3 in ssb . tomorrow i will do sota again with one of my longer wires or dipoles.will be on sota tour in the swabian alps…

vy 73 klaus DF2GN