QO-100 Sat S2S Hutton Roof Crags, G/LD-052

Myself and Andrew fancied another S2S on the QO-100 Satellite today.

The weather can’t seem to make it’s mind up at the moment, so I thought it would have to be another One pointer, due to that and the silly dish I am presently carrying.

I’ve not done this summit for a couple of years, but nothing seems to have changed on the easy walk up.

I was soon setup up the satellite and receiving the lower CW beacon, getting good at this now :slight_smile:

I was just getting a coffee and Garibaldi when Andrew G4VFL/P on G/LD-053 called me on our “Engineering channel” on 2 mtrs.
We worked each other right away, then aimed the dishes to each other and managed a direct QSO on 13cms, 5/9 each way.
Next in the Log on QO-100 was Carolyn G6WRW and then a nice mixture of G and EU contacts. Nine QSO’s on the satellite, my best so far. Most microwavers know little or nothing of SOTA, but I was asked for my reference by a Romanian station, so hopefully we will be getting some chasers on this mode.
There was no response to my calls on “Two” with the Handie, but I did work Dave G6LKB after talking to Andrew again for a “Washup”
Just as I was Packing up and having my lunch Andy G8CPZ turned up for his usual walk, we chatted for a bit and headed back to the carpark together.

So a grand little day out, the weather was better than expected, the flies on the summit a pain, but a nice log of contacts, thanks to all and I hope to work some of you again next week.

Nick G0HIK