QO-100 High Rigg G/LD-044 Today

I’m hopping to do this one today, for some reason it’s one I’ve not done before.
Was not sure if I should take the short route from the north and park at the St Johns in the Vale Church. I’ve decided to go for the longer walk from the south and park on the A591.
It appears to be a simple enough walk, Lets see. :slight_smile:
Nick G0HIK

As planned I tackled this from the A591.
All the parking was gone near to the entrance, but there was space left about 800 mtrs further south on the “A” road.
Most of the ascent seems to happen on the very first bit of this walk and you are soon met with fine views of Thirlmere,Helvellyn,Skiddaw and St John in the Vale.
Getting up there, I could see the lump I was aiming for 2km away and cursed that I hadn’t chose to do the shorter route.
At least it was just about a dry walk with just two boggy patches, shame that my boots hadn’t dried since yesterday. I do you hate putting wet boots on, not quite as bad as cold wet swimmers on though.
On arrival at the summit I setup just a few yards from the summit with a few rocks pulled of it to hold the tripod down.
As soon as I called, back came Andrew G4VFL and then Phil G3TCU, thanks guys. With nine QO-100 QSO’s in the log I packed up and set off back.
Pretty uneventful, but nice to get a new one in the bag.

I enjoyed the stream of trainer jets passing by, we still wave at trains in our village too :).

73’s and I hope to catch you on the next one.

Nick G0HIK

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