Next Sunday Jul, 17 , ETA 13:30 UTC - PY2VM Carlos and PU2OYT Felipe, will active PY2/SE-026.
Freq : 2 mts, 10, 12, 15, 20, 40 meters Phone, CW.
For the first time we will try FT8 with mcHF 10w on the 10, 12 and 15 meters PU2OYT.
PY2VM 10 to 20m FT8
10 - 20 meters Super Antenna 3 elem and Linked Dipole.

Cul you in support


Make sure that you also post an Alert for this in Sotawatch.
73 Jim

Yeeesss. at the beginning of the operation, we will send notice on Sotawatch. 73

That would be a Spot. An Alert is something you post anytime before an activation that will cause people to look for your Spot.
73 Jim

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Exactly. I am announcing that Sunday, July 17th, I will be giving notice.
Tomorrow, when starting the operation, I will do a spot on Sotawatch.
or am i wrong?

I am afraid you are. You are missing the issue that an Alert and a Spot are not the same thing. An Alert gives early noltice of an intended activation and can be posted days, week or even months before the activation takes place. There are currently Alerts posted through October, November and December 2022 to January 2023. An Alert allows chasers to plan their listening well in advance, rather than finding out about the actvation only when it has started at which time they might not be in a position to listen and chase.
73 Jim

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Hi Carlos,
Your post on the reflector can be described as alerting us to your activation, but in SOTA “alert” has a special meaning, and it is a good idea to post details here:

I hope your activation goes well,

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Muito Obrigado Carlos pelos dois contactos em 10 e 15 metros !
Um forte abrazo e ate uma otra oportunidade.
73 Chris - F4WBN

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Thanks Chris,

Good condictions to Europe, many QSOS