PW Article

Dear all,

I was very pleased to see the cover of PW (January 2010 issue) with Jimmy on it. Inside is a very comprehensive article by Tom (M1EYP) on all aspects of this great pastime SOTA. So Tom, please keep up the good work promoting SOTA and let’s hope 2010 brings more people out on the hills.

As for my families part we have been very quite during 2009 due to Nathan’s exams being taken already and his commitments with ATC. I’m hoping we get out more in 2010 for two reasons.

  1. I have a class to teach at the ATC who will hopefully pass their foundation licenses by the end of Feb 2010.


  1. Nathan is doing his gold DofE in Bavaria in August and I’m going with him so I need to get fit and hopefully activate something from that area. Anyway Tom & Jimmy congrats on the pictures and article. I hope I see many more.

Kind Regards

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Jennifer (M6MIJ), Brian (M0OYG) and Nathan (2E0OCC)

Many thanks for the kind comments, and more importantly, very best wishes in instructing the ATC Foundation course - UFB!

73, Tom M1EYP

Thank you for the nice comments.

Good luck Brian with teaching the ATC the foundation course.

Merry Christmas

Jimmy M3EYP