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Puzzled! Can someone clear this up, please?

I was scanning through the 20m band this morning and I heard a Spanish station EA3RCG calling CQ on 14.242MHz. With my 10 watts, I couldn’t work him. Apart from his call sign, he said something like: “EA-FF 2357 ??? Fauna. A new one!” (I’m not sure about Fauna, but it sounded like this, and there was at least one word before it. Also, the 2357 sounded like “23 by 7”, but I’m assuming that actually it was 2357. But I can’t find a Spanish region FF and there do not seem to be as many as 2357 summits in any region! So, if it wasn’t SOTA, what was it? Parks don’t have a prefix after the country code, do they? European islands generally begin with EU. In fact, his “2357” actually sounded like “23 by 7” but I cannot understand what that might mean either. I know that someone in SOTA will know what all this means. Please tell me! Clyde G1TCH

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Type what you hear into Google…


O si! Flora y Fauna! Muchas gracias, MM0FMF. And so quick"! Clyde

I think others have already answered your question as to what WWFF is. Some SOTA summits fall within WWFF references so I have in the past combined the two programs into one outing.

If you decide to give it a go be ready to handle a big (& often unruly) pile-up! The rarer the reference that you are operating from the more difficult the pile-up is to handle!

I have a playlist on my YouTube channel if you want to see it from the activators perspective, including a couple of times when I live-streamed the activation:-

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