Puy Mary F/MC-004 activation

Thanks to all the chasers today.
We were only able to do 30 & 40m today. One hr at the summit @ 1783m ASL
Wx: Cloudy with spells of sun and 15-20kph wind. 15C. (It was not windy at the top though)
Vy nice drive through the valley. Beautiful place. 200m vertical short walk to the top.
Antenna. 7m pole. 42ft of random wire + 42ft counterpoise. Connected directly to the elecraft T1 tuner + HB1B 4 Watts.
First time I use this new antenna. It did not work well on 40m, but on 30m was fb. Great reports.

Overall. 25min “on the air” time gave 22 QSOs. 11 DXCCs.

Vy 73s de Angel M0HDF / EA2ECG & Eva M0HJV

Watch the space tomorrow. We will go for another one hr if the wx allow.
Pics in a few days when I get close to a computer.

In reply to M0HDF:
Hi Angel,
Just coming 5 mn late for 40m and nothing on 30m… I saw that you go to Puy Mary… Can’y do it in winter… The road is close and going there from Le Lioran is not so easy…
Have a good time there…

In reply to F5UBH:
Hi Toff,
The wx was not great and hiking with the little one we had to be quick on the summit. I did not stay very long on 40m. Either the prop or/and my antenna were not good. Tomorrow I will use the mountain tuner and multiband EFHW.
Hope to catch you on the air. I will start on 40m again.

We will decide the summit in the morning depending again on the WX.

73s de Angel M0HDF