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MM0DHY’s Mountain Goat added to the list above, in which I am calling for those involved to email me some comments about their experiences and a fairly hi-res digital photo.

Now would be a really good time to help me out with some of this stuff, as the time it will actually hit the radio magazines will likely be the March/April/May editions - perfect timing to advertise SOTA and inspire new activators to get out on the hills.

My email is tommyread at hotmail dot com

Many thanks,


I have updated the list in the initial post above.

Many thanks to Roy G4SSH for a few lines and a photo, received via email. If others suggested above could do likewise, my email is tommyread at hotmail dot com.

It is much better to provide me with a couple of comments and an attached photo of your choosing, rather than “write what you want and pick a photo off Flickr”, as it is then easier for me to make the articles more interesting. Press releases have the danger of being rather formulaic if I select the photos and things to comment upon myself!

Many thanks.


I have made (at last) a start on issuing press releases to promote the SOTA programme through 2012. The one for Roy G4SSH has been distributed, and will probably appear first on the Southgate ARC news feed in the next few days. Many thanks to Roy for the photo and the words received.

I will now work through the news items suggested in the initial post above, and where I haven’t received and words/comments/thoughts, it will have to be my own summary, and I will help myself to a suitable photo from Flickr, as several of you have suggested. Please advise via direct email if you prefer me not to do this.

There is still time to send me any comments/reflections, and your own choice of photo that relates to your news story, or to suggest additions to the list above as to suitable press release news items.