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:head_bandage: My head asplodes! :head_bandage:


well my linx 7 tablet has arrived and im very impressed with it so far. not bad for under £30


It looks like there’s some renews in interest in PSK31 for SOTA activations again:

When you were doing PSK31, did you successfully activate with only PSK31 or did you always have a fallback mode ready to complete the activation? I would love to try it, but I the weather’s not the best for taking a laptop out. I might have to try and figure out how to get DroidPSK to work with my FT-817nd.


Having a fallback is always a good idea. Mine is usually the 2m FM handheld, but I’ve always got a CW paddle and a fist mike with me with the FT-817 - so those options are there.

I’ve not done PSK for a while, but used DroidPSK running on my smartphone, connected to my 817 via a Wolphi-link interface (Wolphi = Wolfgang = the author of DroidPSK). I’m trying it now with Fldigi on the Windows 10 tablet but getting RF feedback problems (that don’t occur when using the same set up with FT8). I’ll probably need to wind a choke balun close to the feedpoint, and possibly add an extension to the feeder cable.