There I was trying to work some DX on 10m PSK last night when a very strong signal suddenly appeared.

Tom - M1EYP/P - calling CQ SOTA. I gladly worked him for my first SOTA PSK contact :smile:

I was just wondering how many PSK activation’s there are? I see very few and was wondering if the MT could consider some kind of incentive for activators to encourage some more?


The best incentive is other activity. When we got the ball rolling with regular PSK31 SOTA activity in 2012-13, a few more popped up and I even got a small number of PSK S2S, within England, to Germany and even one to Australia. The more of us that activate it, with chasers supporting it by being ready to work us, then more activators will try it.

Another possible incentive is a Challenge (like the current 10m/6m Challenge), but for datamodes, and not restricted to any one or two bands. I’d certainly be interested in that for the next one (probably 2017/2018?) but it would need thrashing round in MT discussion first. There are plenty of obvious reasons why we should do it, and plenty why we shouldn’t. Certainly worthy of discussion though.

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Firstly thanks for activating and hope you got other contacts too.

I for one would be more than happy to chase PSK activator’s especially as chaser’s would get a greater opportunity to work outside of their own continent - well those of us on low power anyway.

Hopefully the MT will be prepared to have a discussion about it and in the meantime lets hope for mor activity.

Unfortunately I missed one earlier today - damn washing machine flooded the kitchen :frowning:


Hi all

João Cardoso, CT1BHG is a very active psk activator. The database show: 85 summits, 543 points + 3 bonus points, which I believe were all PSK.
Why not a PSK SOTA day worldwide ?

73 de Pedro CT1DBS/CU3HF


I will certainly keep an eye out for CT1BHG fro now on and will study to alerts/spots with more care in the future.

Thanks for the info


Got 90 minutes or so to kill in the Congleton area this teatime. So I will head up The Cloud G/SP-015 and hope to try out some PSK31, as it’s been a while since I did any datamode SOTA.

I’ll try to self spot everything, so PSK chasers have a chance of finding me.

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…take a rain coat

Saw you working CW but not PSK ?


Sorry Dave, I didn’t think it through. Been a while since I last did a PSK SOTA activation. Trying to do so with an end-fed antenna with the feedpoint right next to the interface was never going to be good! It created havoc and caused me to remember that I had my best PSK portable successes by using groundplane antennas, together with (if necessary), a coax extension cable from the feedpoint to the rig/interface.

Ok - another day perhaps?


One of my goals for 2017 is my first PSK activation. Looking at the SOTA alerts the last few days, though, I don’t see any PSK activity. How active / successful is this mode for activations? de K7ZOO

There’s a fair bit of interest but little actual activity at present. The mode is viable for SOTA as low power is more than sufficient, and mobile phone PSK apps and interfaces are available.

It just needs a few people to get things started and get some momentum going. I certainly intend to get going again this year.

Excellent - look forward to it :wink:

Hopefully will be back on air in the middle of March after I get a few things out of the way


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I’m hoping to do a PSK activation this year too. Just need to make an interface for my ft817

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I really should try PSK from a summit sometime using this…

73 Chris M0RSF

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ill try it too at some point this year. maybe some easy summit.
I;ve got all the lightweight gear for digital ready.

Once I am able to get out again. I will be doing PSK31 along with SSB. Hopefully in the next two weeks.


The only problem (and it’s not really a problem) with PSK or any digital mode and SOTA is that these modes are not on the air regularly. The scarcity makes people wonder whether it’s worth the effort to try if there’s no regular audience. At one point many people had never worked any kind of S2S QSO across the Atlantic mainly because they were not on a summit the same time people the other side of the Atlantic were also on a summit. This was fixed by giving everyone plenty of notice and arranging a window when it was possible for both NA and EU stations to be on the air. It worked exceptionally well, there were plenty of stations active at the same time and many people got their first S2S across the pond.

So the way to solve the problem of not being sure if trying digital modes is worthwhile is to ensure there will be plenty of activators on the air and plenty of chasers to chase them. We need to do the same as the S2S event, pick a date and time window when the idea is to try digital modes. If enough people are prepared to give it a try then there should be plenty of signals to work. We just need enough people to QRV at the same time.

I could suggest a date, but this is as much your reflector as the MT’s . Someone suggest a date, with enough warning so we can ensure we have our cables and software sorted and we can see if there is enough interest to have a digital day. You never know, it could be something that garners sufficient following to be an event that is held regular during the year.


25hrs later nobody wants to suggest a date/time for this. That sort of suggests there is minimal interest in this.

My interface is not in use at present as it needs an RS232 port. I am hoping to get something going soon so that I can at least chase, so I’m following this with interest. I hope that SOTA PSK is less boring than the terminally stilted general PSK! Perhaps there might be future SOTA interest in SSTV…