Protective Bag / Sleeve / Sock for Rigs

Although I already have the Side KX end panels and plastic cover for my KX3, I feel that I need something to cover the entire radio while it’s inside my pack. It’s only a matter of time before it gets worn spots from being rubbed against other items inside the pack. An old wool sock might work fine if it were large enough. Simple is better. What are you using for this?

I’d be interested in this as well. Not for a KX3 rather for an X108G but the same applies - it has front and back handles as protection but something to protect it while in transit in a racksack would be good.

Perhaps a simple plastic food box? Light but strong enough to protect the rig - if I can find one big enough.

73 Ed.

Bubble wrap bag.

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My rucksack has an internal pouch on the back of it. My ft817 goes in that no socks needed.

I have always done it this way, I don’t like connecting and un-connecting plugs on the radio, sooner or later a socket will fail that will be difficult to repair. When it rains I put the lid on and carry on operating. £4 for the box £0.50 for the sponge and about £8 for the leads. No skill required and quick to make. Glue sponge on the lid so nothing moves inside. I have left some of the sponge out to make it a bit clearer.


Nice idea. Keeps everything dry even in heavy rain or snow. Finding the right container would be the hardest part. The KX3 is a couple inches wider than the KX2. Might keep my battery outside the case since it is protected. I have Palm Mini-paddles - may get the chance to try some buddies’ Pico-paddles in a couple months.

I put all electronics things un the peli case. I don’t know when you can fall down or a heavy raining day.


For my KX3 + side panels + lexan cover, I rely on a tactical water bottle pouch. I jog with the KX3 in this and beat the heck out of it. Protects the KX3 through my abuse!

This is what I have (Amazon):

Since the bottom isn’t padded I cut a piece of foam to fit in there. Also, the top is fairly padded, but there is about 3/4" of space above the radio. I fill this space with a round headphone case (see picture below). I actually have 2 of the small headphone cases. One holds my pico paddle and cord. The other holds my earbuds.

There is also an ample side pocket on this case. I put in my 2200maH LiPO, power cable and second headphone case. Makes it really handy to do a gear check with most everything in the same pouch.

I did have one of the bigger KX3 heatsinks on the rig, but it wouldn’t fit in the case with it on. So I went back to the stock heat sink (more than adequate for CW operations). I think if you had one of the lower profile aftermarket heatsinks it would fit in the pouch. With the stock heatsink it is a perfect fit.

Here’s a picture of it while QRV. I can take more pix if you want.

GL es 73 Jim/K7MK

Interesting idea I have to consider (bubble wrap) I wrap a towel around my FT-857 and strap it in place with Velcro straps. Travels quite well in the backpack that way.

Bubble Wrap Postage bag cut down to fit my KX3 been in use since I started activating in 2012. I always pack my rig between my rolled up wind jacked and blow up cushion in the centre of my back pack as well for added soft protection.
Ian vk5cz.

Great idea! I just bought one as the dimensions look perfect for the Xiegu X5105. I only really pack along the mic and paddles aside from the antenna. GTG!


I put my R4020 in a Walmart waterproof bag. It came in a set of 3 different sizes, and was relatively inexpensive in their camping section.

For my FT 857D, I cut two pieces from an old foam sleeping pad (the firm kind, not the squishy type), and held them to the radio with two bungie cords. I made each piece a square, about 3 inches bigger than the radio. They overlap slightly when put on top of and below the radio. Both of these pieces and the bungies have a dual purpose – I sit on the foam pieces when I set up, and I use the bungies to hold my antenna mast in place.

73 de KB3UYT

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