Proper callsign for SWL Log

I am a little unclear about the rules for logging a SWL event.

Looking under section 3.9 of the SOTA General Rules, rule #2 states that the SWL must receive at least callsigns and two-way reports along with the SOTA reference number. Rule #5 also states that the SWL must submit a log showing details of all QSOs. This sounds like I need to submit both the chaser and the activator’s callsign on, however, the SWL entry form does not seem to agree. There a field labels “Callsign/SWL YOU used” and a field labeled “Other Callsign”. The later is for the activator, but I’m unclear on the former. It sounds like it needs my SWL callsign, but it makes more sense to me to post the chaser’s callsign as evidence of hearing the full QSO.

How exactly is the SWL’s callsign used?

I would assume that the SWL “callsign” is the account you are logged in with.


Make sure you have enabled SWL features.

When you hear an activator you have to copy his/her callsign, summit and the reports. You enter them along with your SWL call which you set up when enabled SWL featuires.

Your SWL call might well be a national society-issued membership number. For instance, here in the UK, we have the RSGB. An RSGB membership number (mine is RS180710) can be transformed into a recognised SWL identifier by adding a ‘B’ on the beginning - thus I appear in the SWL honour rolls as “BRS180710”. I used to appear as G-20843, which was my ISWL number, but I’m no longer a member of that.

If not a member of society that issues recognised SWL identifiers, then just use your name in this format: L. Lang

It is the activator’s and your own details you submit. You do not submit any details about which station the activator was working when you heard them. Some of the wording probably needs a bit of a tidy up, but it’s a very minority part of the programme, so does not justify disproportional attention!

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