Propagation just 7 years ago

I’ve found this video of a 2 x QRP QSO between myself EA2IF and JA4FKX that I recorded and put on youtube 7 years ago.
This may encourage to those newcomers to the hobby facing very low propagation conditions.

Also this other video of George @KX0R being received by me in EA2/NV on 15m while he was activating SOTA in Colorado, USA:

Things will improve for sure!




Oh yes Guru, I remenber well my odx with my FT817 and a true 59 rapport in Texas.

And NN2X send me a video of my over heard in Texas.

73 Chris


Patience, patience.
A real spoiled brat, here. Was on ten meters with a 3-element beam in 1958.
All one really needed was a piece of wet spaghetti and a 6L6.
6L6 - Wikipedia



Back in those good old days I even worked you and Ignacio (on separate summits)!

Hopefully it will happen again many times!

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Guru, go further back…to 2012. To do so, go to the bottom of the Reflector column and click More Topics. Then, use the magnifying glass symbol to search the Reflector for the words “More ten meters, please”. There are 254 entries to that thread, but you need only the first 30 to get the idea.

Elliott, K6EL
Former K6ILM


I had a 17m QSO via the ionosphere for the 1st time in years last Friday (30-apr-2021). I had one with a local activator that was groundwave (and doesn’t count for this thread) and back in 2018 the band was viable when I was in the Canaries but that is 28N not 56N (further North than Moscow). It was 2015 when I last was able to use 17m on activations and get chased easily and reliably. So I think I was lucky or conditions are improving.

Yes, it’s May and start of the Northern Hemisphere SpE season which is why it has been snowing today :frowning: I have a new 10m antenna ready to try. I may even give 6m a go if the WX improves enough to get out!

Who needs 7 years ago? On Saturday I worked 2 VK QSOs from G/SP-015 with 5 watts. On Sunday, Jimmy M0HGY and I both worked PY from our final Welsh summit GW/MW-038!

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Was that SSB, CW or FT8?

One FT8 and one FT4.

Well… that’s a different league and you know it much better than me.


More to the subject of 7-years ago propagation: Went up a downtown summit used by locals for exercise. (Tumamoc Hill, W7A/AW-057) June 13, 2014. This was at midnight, under a full moon, with deer browsing all around. Did not work anyone in North America, but lots of others. England ops reported long-path “echoes” on my dots and dashes. 100W to 6-radial elevated-feed (5 ft.).

06:42 G4SGX 20m CW IAN
06:44 OE7FMH 20m CW
06:45 VK2IO 20m CW
06:46 G4OBK 20m CW
06:47 IK3DRO 20m CW
06:47 VK2DAG 20m CW
06:50 HB9DAX 20m CW FRED
06:51 F5SQA 20m CW
06:53 G4TJC 20m CW
06:54 VK7CW 20m CW
06:56 VK3WE 20m CW
07:01 DJ5AV 20m CW
07:03 EA2CW/P 20m CW S2S EA2/BI-055
07:06 OH6NPV 20m CW
07:09 DK7ZH 20m CW

Ken, that looks better than the best day this week on 20 meters with a KW and beam !
It is pretty pitiful lately, but I have caught ZL1BYZ a couple times on 17 and 12 meters in the
last week or 2. I’m hoping for some more of the Pacific/Asia as the spring goes along.
I’ve only been chasing SOTAs for a couple years, so don’t know how it’s going to be yet.
Hopefully we will live long enough to catch the next peak~!
I remember hearing my first DX on 6 meters in 1956, JAs coming in! And locals
working them with their Gonset Communicators! I was hooked. goncom1front

John, K6YK


Andrew, congratulations on the S2S Platinum! I still remember our S2S qso within Europe very well. Let’s hope that the conditions make our first VK / DL possible. I’m trying more and more in cw, hi.
Best wishes

hi Chris,
thanks! I think s2S contacts are the best of all! You have to plan for extended activations to be able to make the most S2S contacts. I also passed my goal of 1k points for CW activations, and that was a nice achievement too!
Looking forward to making an S2S with you.

73 Andrew VK1DA


Congratulations on your own S2S Platinum. good work!

73 Andrew vk1da

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I’m far away from this with 58 pts but a big challenge and a new, attractive goal.
73 Chris

Hi, propagation today May 8 PM

Today on HF bands 17m first time this year I make qso with Sporadic E propagation. I hear signal strength of station and see skip distance, from both I am pretty sure it is Es.

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Hi Patrick,
I’ve just chased an Italian activator on 10m SSB. Signal was weak with QSB but good enough for a perfect QSO.