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Problem with SMS spotting

I’ve had problems spotting myself today using SMS. I tried it about 6 times at the summit this morning and a test one just now. None have shown up on SW3.

It was working fine in recent days.

I’ve checked the format til I’m blue in the face and can’t see a syntax error. The test one was:

! g ld050 145.500 fm TEST PLS IGNORE

Help or advice please.

73, Andy

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Why does software know when you are not around to on check on it?

I’ve just got back from the rally and was checking email etc. and found this. It looks like the spot server died sometime Thursday evening. I’m not sure why yet but I have restarted it now.


EDIT a test showed it is working now.


Andy (G8CPZ),

Sorry to slightly hi-jack your post.

We had a SOTA QSO today at 1029 hrs in 5354khz.

I wasn’t sure if you were just portable or doing a SOTA, but then heard you calling SOTA later on.

Anyway in the confusion I didn’t get your SOTA reference.

If you were doing a SOTA could you let me have your ref:




Not to bother - i found the info by looking at the database.


Sod’s Law (Murphy’s Law for non-Brits)

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G/LD-050 Gummer’s How (my first walk there - lovely views AND trees for the EFHW).

BTW: thanks for the previous S2S

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