Problem with Le Storkenkopf, FL/VO-078

After successfully activating Le Grand Ballon FL/VO-001, I tried to activate its neighbour Le Storkenkopf, FL/VO-078. I arrived at the Ferme Auberge du Haag and started on the obvious track that starts behind the auberge. There was a clear sign saying Acces au summet. However, the track was blocked by an electrified gate directly behind the auberge; there was no information posted on the gate. I enquired in the auberge and a lady told me that the owners were saying access to the summit was now forbidden!

Maybe I made a mistake but I don’t think so. The verbal message together with the electrified gate was pretty clear to me. Strange as this summit was last activated in July by G4OBK and GI4ONL.

Perhaps the Association Manager could comment please?

73 Andrew G4AFI

There’s a track from the other side. Goes across a field, through the woods then meets up with the other tracks. Clear on Google maps etc. Even a place to park by the gate.

HI Andrew

There were no problems accessing via the shallower ascent on the track from the Auberge - we did buy a drink though and a meal there later, I wouldn’t think that would make any difference. I was there with my XYL and Victor went there with Pete M0HQO the week after me. I recall that there were electric fences around the farm and there was a insulated handled sprung electic fence remover across a gate way near the shippon which I removed to enable access and then spring it back into place as you do. We came back down the same way. Food very good at the Col du Haag Auberge, German and French spoken but little English but we managed… No signage was seen warning off access.

XYL recalls we went through the farmyard with the shippon on the right to access the track in trees leading to the summit.

73 Phil

Thanks Phil. Hmm I wasnt as bold as you and my XYL Nickie wouldnt have been happy if I had tried. Oh well I will mark it up as experience.There are plenty more VO summits to try!

Thanks for the alternative info Andy. I just wasnt prepared as I didnt expect any issues.

73 Andrew

Hi Andrew,

There certainly weren’t any access problems last year. My daughter and I went up the track to the right of the Auberge. No problems apart from the excessive amount of cow poo. This was one of the more memorable FL/VO’s. Great views - I’d say worth taking the back way up.

73 John