Problem challenge qsos up 10/6 meters


Vengo observando que,no me esta sumando todo los qsos en el desafio 10/6 metros.
En la actividad del dia 22 en EA2/BI-057 hice 13 qsos solo me subio 6 faltan 7 qso en mi log.

En la actividad de 29/11 trabaje 8 qsos me subio 1.

Cual es el problema?


I have watched that, not me this by adding all the qsos in the challenge 10/6 meters. In the activity of the day 22 in EA2/BI-057 13 only qsos made me rose 6 missing 7 qso in my log. 29/11 activity work 8 QSO I climbed 1. What is the problem?

Were those missing qsos with new unique call signs?

Ea2 / ss-059 first activity in 10

Ea2 / bi-057 QSOs added challenge

Hola Antonio,

EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:06 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB EA8CQW no
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:07 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB EA2LU no
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:08 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB EB2AFU no
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:09 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB EA2EBI yes
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:10 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB EA2TZ no
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:11 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB OH9XX yes
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:12 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB ES1IP yes
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:13 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB UA3BM yes
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:14 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB SP4CUF yes
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:15 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB EA2IF no
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:16 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB EA2DT no
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:17 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB RA3DIH/P yes
EC2AG/P 22/11/2015 11:18 EA2/BI-057 28MHz SSB EB1CU no

Only EA2EBI, OH9XX, ES1IP, UA3BM, SP4CUF, RA3DIH/P are new calls. The others have already been logged.

Via Google Traductor

SĂłlo EA2EBI, OH9XX, ES1IP, UA3BM, SP4CUF, RA3DIH / P son nuevas llamadas. Los otros ya se han registrado antes.

I braved the nasty weather here on Saturday 28th November and Sunday 29th November 2015, the objective being to add some new unique calls worked to my Challenge total. I wasn’t able to travel further afield, so I had to just visit my local summit The Cloud G/SP-015, so there wouldn’t be any increase in multiplier. I just hoped that 10m would be open and active so I could find some new calls.

There was activity, and the band was behaving reasonably conditions-wise.

Saturday 1147 to 1303z: 38 QSOs, all 10m CW
Azores CU: 1
Belarus EU: 1
Bulgaria LZ: 1
Canary Islands EA8: 3
Crete SV9: 1
Cyprus 5B4: 1
England G: 2
Israel 4X: 1
Martinique FM: 1
Russia (European) R: 17
Serbia YU: 1
Tunisia 3V: 1
Ukraine UR: 6
USA W: 1

Sunday 1522 to 1659z: 23 QSOs, all 10m CW
Argentina LU: 1
Bonaire PJ4: 2
Canada VE: 2
Cape Verde D4: 1
Curacao PJ2: 1
England G: 1
French Guiana FY: 1
Italy I: 1
St Kitts & Nevis V4: 1
USA W: 12

On this second (Sunday) activation, I actually set up below the cliffs on the edge of the summit plateau in order to shelter from the gale-force winds. It seems my antenna could still “see” over the pond though!

Radio: Yaesu FT-817 running 5 watts.
Antenna: “Limited edition” (ie only 1 ever made) 10m/6m SOTA Challenge vertical with GP from SOTAbeams.

I did try running on a frequency a few times, and initally with a spot (thanks Richard). However, the only callsign I recognised as a chaser was VE1WT. All good fun.

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Same here in South of France. I went to my personal “Cloud” F/AM-617 and during the 2 days on 10M Cw, I did Qso N4EX, VE1WT and DL2DXA (usual sota chasers) within 112 Qso. Many DX (39 Dxcc, 17 Zone with inverted V and FT-817 running 5 Watts.
73 from Gerald F6HBI

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OK understood…


Looks like a one-horse race here in the UK. But hey it’s not a race.