prepping for my first activation - W7O/NC-009

Tomorrow I will do my first SOTA activations on what looks to be two easy hills - Sheridan and Bald Peaks (NC-009 and NC-051) . N7CQR will be nearby to pull me out of any potholes, I hope.

I will be using my FT817/Z817 combination and, probably, a base-loaded vertical antenna. The plan is to try CW (very very slowly), SSB, and FM. As soon as I figure out how to post alerts, I will put one up.

I’ve done a bit of portable operating and a lot of backpacking/climbing and I am looking forward to doing both at the same time. The learning curve didn’t really seem steep until I started climbing it. :slight_smile:


Good luck! I’ll be listening for you.
Most of all, have fun.

Gary W5GDW

Good luck! I am a very slow CW op and was pleasantly surprise how slow people went for me when I did my first CW on activation. I’ll be looking for you on SOTAwatch.