Prefix/suffix care

Please be careful about the prefix and suffix that you use while spotting or activating summits.

I note that this morning VK3EQ/P was spotted (Reported) as VK3EQ/P7 this in DXCC logging terms indicates that he is operating from P7 land (DPR of Korea (North Korea)) which happens to be the number one most wanted country.

Most logging programs will log this as DPR Korea because of the suffix in use which tends to screw op ones logbook :smile:

well its one way to guarantee qualifying the summit!!! :smile:

Well, if he was calling “VK3EQ portable 7” then one should really spot and log as VK3EQ/7. i.e. Just as I could have been K1UG/4 when in FL last week.

73 Marc G0AZS

This is a known issue as many VK stations will report. There is conflicting advice based on official ACMA docs, history and practice in VK, CEPT ideas etc.

It’s a pain for programmers to deal with as callsigns, which should be a regular expression, are anything but! I can understand that logging programs will be confused by such calls. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry of simple things made awkward.


Hello Terry,

Yes this issue has been around in the past. Good news a real P7/P5 may happen Jan-Feb 2016 :wink:
I wonder what the pile up will be like!

Sorry folks I did ask people in vk not to alert or spot in the manner evident here a while ago, on here and our local yahoo group. I never say portable or /qrp any more when I am activating chances are you are both if you are on the summit so no point telling everyone every QSO.
The biggest pile up and time taken to get a QSO was the 3Y0X expedition it took me 4.5 hours of poking my call in and hoping I would be heard. I did get the QSO on CW and the card is on my wall.

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That will probably be one of the largest pile ups of all time :smiley:

Operators could use something like VK3AA/P/7 and most good software will resolve this correctly

I have stopped signing /P or /QRP when activating as with a weak low power signal these can cause confusion.

After all everyone knows if a summit is being activated the activator is of course portable.

Otherwise things can get a bit pedantic.

Regarding signing /QRP there is no jurisdiction in the world where this is a legal suffix and I do wish people would stop using it.

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It isn’t illegal, either. I mean, this isn’t Animal Farm, where everything that isn’t compulsory is forbidden! /QRP annoys me, too, though I stand up for the right of those who wish to use it, but in my book /P is essential. When tuning for activations rather than depending on spots I always stop and listen to the /P stations. Without such a marker how would we find candidates? I suspect you are too dependant on spots - we didn’t always have them, and on the rare occasions where the server goes down we have to do without them.


ORLY? :wink:

You’ll find your own licence permits it by not specifically banning it.

Me too, and I will always call a /p station whether they are participating in SOTA or not, it just seems the right thing to do after they have made the effort :smile:
(Unless there is a massive pileup. Life is just too short for queuing!)



It certainly makes catching summit-to-summits easier if the other activator is signing /P.