Pre planning info

I’m planning heading to mount eagle for my 1st activation

However I can find any track info, where to park, where to walk

Is their instructions in using the mapping? Finding info other activators comments etc



Have you checked the mapping from the tab at the top of the forum?? When you get into the mapping area there is an option for searching for tracks.

Yeah I’ve tried that and can’t seem to get any tracks

None are showing up

Local hiking forums?? A resource I often use apps like Alltrails, and a hiking FB group for my area.

Cool yeah il google them now

Many thanx

Well you’ll be hard pressed to miss the parking area, there’s a 800ft mast just a few hundred metres from it.

Go to the SOTA mapping page, select GM, NS and NS-151. Look at the map, select satellite view and locate the transmitting station. The car park is where the forest track leaves the road. The Google view shows a car parked up but that has been obscured. Walk along the forest track, turn left at the junction, walk along the track and admire the mossy trees, turn right at the next junction and walk along and turn next left. You’ll be in the AZ when you are by all the little towers and equipment sheds. The trig point is hard work to reach now due to the huge amount of regrowth. You don’t need to get to the trig to be valid.

2.15km, 52m ascent. 25mins.

Have fun.

Il do that now many thanx, also joined walk highland and see they have files for gps

Thanx for help

My iPhone doesn’t seem to like the mapping😩

Hi Iain
This is the track I parked at last time can’t remember exactly where, but was an enjoyable stroll to the activation zone as Andy described.
Should be up there next month for some work halfway up that structure hope the good weather continues.


You’re holding it wrong.


You might also like to look at such sites as Hill Bagging and Scottish Hills. Some reports give parking spot co-ordinates. Some reports on Scottish Hills have photos as well which can help.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hi Iain, plenty of parking available, should be able to see it on google street view. Depending on when your doing the activation, I could perhaps join for a double activation?



Hi Iain,

The place I always look at for info about summits is the summit entry in the website [select associations and summits>association>summit details]. Very often there are multiple stories or links to blog entries etc that give you a good insight into what others have done in activating the summit. If the Eagle you are activating is GM/NS-151, it has been activated 25 times so there is a good chance someone has added some notes to the summit page. And looking at that, sure enough there is a link to Tom’s (M1EYP) web page which shows with photos, detailed description, a lost and found camera, all the excitement of activating that summit. Apart from the raw information the stories you will read on those links are almost always very enjoyable and entertaining. Highly recommended. The URL for that summit info is SOTA Summits

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Thanx Everyone

This is all very good info, il prepare tonight after work
Many thanx for the helping

Hi Adrian

I’m looking at this weekend sometime, be great to have u their

Many thanx

It looks like a nice little hill Iain. I might try it to break my journey down from Thurso on 29/6. Enjoy your activation

thanx graeme,very helpful

thanx Andrew,i thought this forum was

Hi Iain apologies I won’t be able to make it this weekend. Hope the activation goes well.


Hi Iain apologies I won’t be able to make it this weekend. Hope the activation goes well.


No bother, another time

I hope it goes well anaw👍

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