powerful solar flare and CME

Dear Hams
Today Andreas, HB9HCI and myself we were on HB/OW-001 ( Height: 3238 m / 10623 ft). There were vy poor prop. At home I googled an found this info from Frank, W3LPL!
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

The most powerful solar flare and CME thus far during solar cycle 25

From W3LPL, Frank Donovan


A solar flare from massive solar region 2786 at 1311Z on Sunday 29 November was the most powerful solar flare and coronal mass ejection (CME) thus far during solar cycle 25. The sun’s activity is now rapidly increasing after a slow increase in activity this year following solar minimum last December

The flare and CME erupted from just behind the southeast solar limb and was not Earth directed. The shock enhancement/glancing blow from the CME may cause unsettled

to active geomagnetic conditions on 1-2 December. There is a

chance for additional M-class solar flares through 2 December and a slight chance for much stronger X-class flares.

The WSA-Enlil model shows the 29 November solar flare and associated coronal mass ejection (CME). Earth is the yellow dot.

spaceweather.com describes this effect as follows:

X-rays and UV radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, producing a shortwave radio blackout over the South Atlantic: map. Ham radio operators and mariners may have noticed strange propagation effects at frequencies below 20 MHz, with some transmissions below 10 MHz completely extinquished.


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