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postponed: DL1HBT/p and DL3HAH/p aiming for DM/NS-001, -008, -111, - 115 and DM/SA-001 on Sep 28/29

The following activity has to be postponed: I will keep you informed!

Kai, DL3HAH/p and Tom, DL1HBT/p will be airing several summits in Lower Saxony and Saxonia-Anhalt on Sep 28 thru 29, 2019 running QRP on 10-40m CW. Our goal is to activate at least three of the following five summits, weather permitting:

  1. DM/NS-001 Wurmberg
  2. DM/NS-115 Ecksberg
  3. DM/SA-001 Brocken
  4. DM/NS-111 Aschentalshalbe
  5. DM/NS-008 Schalke
    Our base camp will be in Goslar. vy73/55, Tom