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Posting Alerts and Spots W6 Southern California

For activators in W6 Southern California, could you please post an Alert and Spot for us chasers. Many of us rely on Alerts and Spots to be able to contact you on the summit when we cannot monitor the radio during the day. Many chasers I know are willing to put out a spot for you.

Thank you

Hi Eric @n6heg

I’m a somewhat regular SoCal activator and was out this morning on W6/SC-214.

I always try to alert at least 24 hours ahead and always spot as do I think most everyone else (either automatically or directly).

Are there specific instances that you are willing to share directly or indirectly via message on who hasn’t been?


Nearly 30% of US activators don’t alert. Back when I was keeping track, I noticed that Mondays were the worst.


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Wow…I did not know that. Kind of makes getting a contact harder unless using a digital mode!


Hi Paul @W6PNG
I notice it more on the weekends, I have picked up more contacts by just having the radio on, and when I check SOTAwatch3 there is no spot. I don’t remember any specific call signs, but if you listen on a Saturday (146.580 mhz) you might see/hear it first hand.


Thanks Eric @n6heg
146.52 or .58?


I find most activators in So Cal on 146.580 these days

I expect to read responses that are just the opposite of what I am going to write. That is OK. I am used to being a contrarian.

I have been an active ham for 69 years in October of 2021. We did not have the technology that currently exists in the 21 st century (obviously). I have succeeded in reaching various goals in amateur radio. None of which needed to be spoon fed with information. The ability to achieve is rewarded with the joy of doing it yourself. A college classmate who is also a ham spent decades of his business career in manufacturing products for hams. He also had a publishing company which he named IDIOM Press. I asked him how he arrived at that name. He smiled and said; “I DID IT ON MY OWN”. His current call is W9KNI whose call rests at the top of the CW DXCC Honor Roll as having worked the most CW DX entities. He also sold over 100,000 Bencher paddles. I have know him for over 60 years.

Doing it on your own adds to the enjoyment of reaching a goal. When I took and passed the Bar Exam for my Law license nobody “spotted” me any answers.

As an octogenarian i have a different perspective. When I was a bit younger I could copy CW above 50 wpm. Nobody spotted me to accomplish that.

Just a different way of looking at reaching a goal and calling it a success.


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Interesting … in the past I’ve tried the non National Calling frequency and essentially been shouting into the ether and that’s with a spot!

This all applies globally, not just California.
As a chaser, I’ve noticed many operators have “spur of the moment” expeditions. No time to spot, and there’s always someone on the air to respond.
W9VNE raises some valid points. I de remember college and while no one spotted me points, we did have study groups to help each other learn and understand. Actually, the Professor did spot me 100 points. They were mine to lose!
The other thing to keep in mind is this is not a competition where we keep our tactics secret. We share and help each other and build the sport. I notice this throughout amateur oprations, not just radio sport. Everyone shares their radio and antenna tricks. Many even share their upcoming SOTA Expeditions!!!
More to my needs is the concern of a frequency other than 146.52. 54, 56, and 58 all get use, especially on busy weekends and fast-moving hours. The biggest help would be for activators to announce their frequency when calling CQ. I can monitor several bands and isolating the operator and his frequency can be a challenge.
Ah, that’s the fun of SOTA, listening and locating Operators. That’s the fun of Amateur radio!
Hats off to the Goats and sloths.

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Learning process is meant to be laborious not easy. But humans opt for the easiest route.


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So do Apes Bison and cougars.

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