Postal rate changes

Royal Mail have managed to sneak in some changes to their postal rates which will have an effect on the cost of awards and merchandise purchased via the SOTA shop.

The main change is in the small packet service which affects postage outside Europe as the minimum weight is now 0 - 100 grams and the postage for a certificate falls into this range. There are reductions in some higher rate charges because of changes in weight price breaks. Postage in Europe will also increase as the letter rate for the larger envelopes we use no longer applies there and so they will also come into the packet service rates.

In the UK the price of posting a large letter has not changed but the Royal Mail has “rationalised” the packet service introducing “Small” and “Medium” parcels meaning a quite significant price increase for anything which does not fall within the rules for a letter. These changes have come in “under the radar” and are, purposely, complex so as not to be obvious as a significant price increase.

Combining purchases is still the best way of minimising the cost impact (the 100 gram weight covers postage for up to four certificates)


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

In reply to GM4TOE:
I was alerted to these changes last week - you are right, since the UK letter rates have not changed it has been totally overlooked by the media.

The introduction of ‘small parcel’ and complete removal of the old ‘packet’ rate is very sneaky and it is now quite expensive to post anything that does not fit into ‘large’, ie over 25mm thick. They have made it even more confusing in that when you first look at the rates it seems to indicate anything thicker than 8cm classes as ‘medium parcel’ with a starting charge of £5.20. However there is an exception in very small type below saying that 16x16x16cm parcels are also classed as ‘small parcel’ and are charged at £2.60 for 1kg.

I wonder whether the post office counter staff really understand the new system. I suspect a lot of us are going to be overcharged unless we stand our ground.

73 Dave G3YMC