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Post limit review?


Press “backspace”
Right click and click the left arrow icon (back one page)
Install a gestures plugin and right click and swipe left

You will always need to wait as the page is dynamic AFAIU and is regenerated for you. It’s not a fixed page as everyone who visits it sees something specific to their login and status.


Not you, I think your comments are perfectly valid. When decisions like the one made have been in force for a while, why not revisit them to see if they are still valid?

Brian counted 28 (I counted 27) threads autoclosed at 100 and he got a list for the number of threads in total at 2043. The number autoclosed is fewer than I thought there would be.


It was a total over reaction by the MT, to kill off the long running “Light at the end of the Tunnel” thread, Paul. It got locked at 500 posts. I was informed that the limit was set to 500 posts. However, “The official SOTA 12m Challenge” thread, miraculously run to 667 posts and was never locked


The 12m challenge thread has not been closed because nobody has posted to it since the limit was changed last Nov 2017. You can see the last post was made “Sep 11 2014 11:23am” by Gerald. If someone posts to it now, their post will be accepted and then the system will close the thread. This is as the limit is set to 100 replies, i.e. the original post, 100 replies and 1 close message from system.

“North America <> Europe SOTA S2S Party - 19th November 2016 1400 - 1700 UTC” is open at post 421, last post Jul 16, '17 6:17 PM

“What is the highest QSO total of single activation” is open at post 330, last post Mar 26, '12 3:21 AM

Whereas “Datamode - FT8” was closed at post 220 on Nov 26 2017 after the limit was changed and, in this case, I posted to it.

There are currently 54 threads active with a reply count of 100 or greater. They’ll remain open indefinitely unless someone goes and posts in them. Then after that user post, the system will close the thread.

But hey, that’s nothing but facts and who in their right mind would argue a case using facts.


Threads with more posts are seen more, so they will be more prominent. Closing a thread with 100 posts will be more noticed than not closing one with four posts. An impressions-oriented metric would be the percentage of posts which are on autoclosed threads.

The thread lengh is almost certainly a power law distribution, the well known “long tail”. The closed threads are part of the very popular “fat head”.



What may be worth looking at is how many posts a Part-2 continuation garners. My simplistic view is that if 100 is not enough and 500 is too many maybe 250 is right. But I’m guessing that probably only 1 or 2 will have ever gone beyond 200, so maybe 125 or 150 is enough that the subject peters out before being closed.


Well “B*GGA Me”! That solution is so simple and will do me - thanks!

I think we’re on the same page - see my suggestion earlier - here: Post limit review
Coming back to the original topic and looking at the (relatively few) topics that have been extended - a 150 message limit would most likely catch by far the majority of topics that exceed 100 posts. So a limit of 150 or 200 is what I would personally set it to now.



I rather enjoyed the Light at the end of the tunnel thread. In my opinion the thread worked well, and it was easy to ignore if you weren’t interested. I also liked the LA1KHA challenge thread.
I’m not one to stir the hornets nest usually but in the case of the post limit restriction I really do believe it was just a stamp of authority.


You forget that after receiving complaints about the unwieldy size of some of the threads, the MT permitted a vote and 64% of the voters plumped for a limit of 100 posts. “Stamp of authority” my ass!


That would be the case if you weren’t allowed to click the link icon and continue it. There’s nothing stopping people doing part 2 etc. and many people have done so. The aim is to make the chunks of posts manageable which it does.


Surely it’s the readers who decide if a thread is any good or not? If its no good, it disappears. In the case of “The light at the end of the Tunnel” thread, its had 37k hits, so someone was reading it.


Hi Colin,
Please don’t forget that you can also set the button above Suggested topics and below Bookmark, to “Mute” and you wont be bothered by the thread again.






Like I said, I mostly enjoy the threads, and the ones I don’t, I dont read - simples!


I was pleased when I found out about it too! You can also press spacebar and scroll down one page and SHIFT+spacebar and scroll up one page.


A participant raised the issue of thread length, publicly, on this Reflector. MT created an open poll and said it would be guided by the wishes of the participants. An overwhelming majority voted for the 100-post limit.

Now some of that 18% minority that wanted the limit increasing are shouting up about it. None of the 82% that either wanted it to stay the same or reduce are complaining.

We can’t work this on a system of those who complain the loudest getting their own way. Neither, in my opinion, should we repeat a democratic exercise that produced such a clear mandate barely a year ago. To do that would be undemocratic.

It was just over a year ago, and the preference of the SOTA community was crystal clear.

64% : 18% : 18%

That is as clear as it gets. Accept it and move on.


It works this way if you select “Reflector” from the menu at the top of the Sotawatch Home page, then select the title of the thread.

However, it does not work this way if you select a topic from the “Reflector Latest” panel on the right-hand side of the Home page. That always takes you to posting number 1 in the thread, regardless of whether you have visited this thread before or not.

Walt (G3NYY)


As explained in the same post you have already quoted from. Do try to keep up at the back!


I hear that statement on the news every day. Am I dreaming or did I just read it on the SOTA reflector? I must be going mad.


Also, that thread was imported from the old reflector that, had we dropped 167 posts from in migrating probably would have caused another uproar.

But sure, it’s a conspiracy against your thread by the MT. That’s obviously the simplest answer.