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if i was to post something from another web site on here, would i be banned ???

Me like so many on this site have been banned from a certain web site, where we cant say our bit on what others are doing or have done,
it does seem very sad when grown men get to be like children, when they have thrown there dummies out of their prams, they still want to come back and cause more trouble, cant understand them, i will say something about a video, yes i put it on to you-tube and had it banned by you-tube, but where DID I SAY WHO THE ACTIVATORS ARE, That’s right i never did, not even in the tittle of the video, someone jump the gun and said his own call-sign and name, I find it hard to believe that if nothing is going right for them , they want to change it, it has happened on here, and on WOTA, i belive its happening in raynet aswell, but they are failing fast,

Steve m0sgb

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Better not to, Steve. There is nothing there but negativity and all you would be doing is give them the platform that they desire and perhaps attract more people to their site where the negativity might be infectious.

Just get on with the positive things, enjoy the hills, enjoy SOTA, enjoy even our unreliable weather!


Brian G8ADD

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If you have any issues regarding Raynet and in particular Lancashire Raynet and its sub groups, I suggest you take it up with Lancashire County Controller, Martin Durkin GØTFH, or the Assistant County Controller, my Dad, Lee Roe MØLMP I am sure they will help you. If not then try the North West Zone Controller Jon Mossman G7JKK his details are on the Raynet site. Better still why dont you come and lend a hand by joining one of the Raynet groups in Lancashire, we would love to see you !


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All right, Captain Comma! Chill out!



Dave M0MYA.

In reply to G8ADD:
Hi Brian, thanks for your reply i will take note, and keep away. im always enjoying my walking, most weekends i can be found out and about here there and everywhere, like this weekend im out over Winter hill, walking of course i dont see the point driving when legs came first.

Steve m0sgb