Post Friedrichshafen activations - anyone got any? Let's start

Shame you couldn’t complete the three as they make a nice wee round. You just know you have to activate Le Petit Donon VO-090 this trip or it will stick out on your activated summits map and bug you profusely. Or if you don’t then you’ll need to make a special trip…

I had to stop my final activation on FL/VO-089 (Haut de la Pierre de Taille) due to what looked like imminent storms. There were rumbles and bangs that sounded close by and a few flashes. Of course by the time I had shutdown, packed away and walked (hurriedly) back to the car the heavy black clouds had moved and it was 50% blue again. Hrumph! :frowning:

Dear all

My chill-out action after Friedrichshafen was doing Stanserhorn, HB/NW-015, on Sunday, not far from home. I enjoy this mountain very much, we had spent several weekends on the top for VHF contests 30 years ago, hi. Unfortunately the new Cabrio lift is quite expensive, but it’s also something special. Heard some of the SOTA friends from the meeting at noon at the QSL wall on Saturday and enjoyed that.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

View from top of Stanserhorn towards north, with Mount Pilatus with its two SOTA peaks on the left half and Lucerne in the background at the end of the lake.

. . . and these are the memories of my first meeting at the QSL wall on Saturday, hi.

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After 10 days and 25 activated summits … I got safely back home in Ostend today. Got me 170 activator points, two new regions (HB and DL) , several new completes, and many many S2S qso’s (with a whopping 507 S2S points).
Here a view in the direction of OE, taken from Altringenberg, DL/AL-272, which I activated last Sunday. Wonderful views !

And here my nice “SOTA Shack” on Braunberg, DM/BW-077

I had to skip a few summits due to traffic delays etc, but none because of bad WX … I had more luck with the weather than last year.
More reports and many pics later on my blog.
Thanks for all qso’s and the “live” talks … cu all next year !

73 - Luc ON7DQ


Well done Markus and Luc - S2S QSOs on the tour very much appreciated - Andy too, before Friedrichshafen. I am hanging on here a little longer in the FL/VO before heading for the Belgian border area for two nights.

Yesterday was a tourist day in Riquewihr (Big lunch of meats, cheeses and sausage and a beer, of course). Then we headed for Colmar and picked up a town trail map from the Tourist Board Office there and covered about 4 Km of the 6.5 Km trail. That took us to after 4.00pm when the streets and lovely parks were full of students. The sky had cleared so we drove out to the well activated 10 point summit of Le Hohneck FL/VO-002. A 5 minute walk (XYL with comfy chair) took me to a place with no people watching a few metres down from the topograph and sign.

19 QSOs were quickly logged but by the time I packed up it was around 6.30pm local and with a 75 minute drive back to the Gite, too late when we got back to cook the meal, so we stopped off half way down the hill and had main course and dessert, reaching the gite via a great drive through the mountains on new roads (to us) some distance west of Colmar and Selestat. If we come here again I’ll stay down there near Gerardmer perhaps - this is where the main concentration of easy to reach summits are located.

Today we are leaving in around 30 minutes to return to the Donons and activate Le Petit Donon VO-090. I also want to go to Chaum de Requival VO-036 first. I believe I have found the last legal place to park, which makes a one way walk to the summit of about 1 mile with 350 feet ascent, mainly in woodland.

73 Phil


Very nice small town. I had a delightful hotel and there are plenty of places to eat and drink. There was a small bar on a side street leading to a small square which had lots of other bars on. Due its not so good location the beer was 75% the price of the bars. Same fabulous beer, not so many Euros…winner!

View from my hotel room:

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Just going through my 1000+ pics from the trip …
You’re supposed to put your QSL card on the wall in FN … but who had to put two ?

Yes, we all know that person … hahaha

One for Friday and one for Saturday :wink:

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Exactly Andy & Luc!

73 Phil

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Hello, this is Gerald F6HBI
I have been at Ham Radio in Fried for the first time this year.
Like a Young dog, i ran everywhere between A1 an A4… and i missed a lot!
At the QSL Wall, i met few of Sota fellows (G4OBK, PB2T, ON4FI and others),
but i missed the dinner, the conference,…)
Sorry about that, i promess that i will do better next june 2019.
73 from Gerald