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Possible YO/EC-057 on 10/06/2016 by YO8SEP/p

If weather and health permit it, I will try to activate YO/EC-057 Friday around 1200 UTC.
Because my VHF HT doesn’t have APRS will try to track using my Android, using http://aprs.fi/YO8SEP-5

I will be active on SSB only, 14.285 +/- , and maybe 7Mhz or 18Mhz. If I have phone signal will try to selfspot.

Hope to work as many as possible in 30 minute - 1 hour activation (if WX is ok).


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I managed to get to the summit on Saturday 11.06.2016 around 10 UTC, but only 4 QSO in about 15 minutes: s2s 2E0YYY/P, OE7PHI, ON7TWA/M, IK0OED/P :frowning:
I had to pack fast because of rain and thunders.