Possible Summer tour - HB0 / DL / OE / I

We might visit the HB0 / OE / DL / I region for a few days to activate these associations at end of June/ beginning of July.

We would appreciate some tips/resources on some nice & “family friendly” summits around the HB0 / DL / OE / I corner.

Thanks in advance

73 Eva M0HJV & Angel M0HDF

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As for HB0 I think there is a very limited amount of family friendly summits available, all of the summits are above 2000m sealevel. You can have a look at SOTA MAPPING PROJECT … there i uploaded gps-tracks for three of the easier HB0-summits:

HB0/LI-004 Augstenberg 2359m (cablecar, then 3.5km to summit / 400m elevation gain)
HB0/LI-009 Schönberg 2104m (5km to summit / 600m elevation gain)
HB0/LI-011 Helwangspitz 2000m (3km to summit / 500m elevation gain)

If you need further information you can write a PM or e-mail. Also OE9HRV may be of help, he is often in HB0 activating different summits there.

73 de Martin

I am activ in the area DM/NW. Her are a lot of summits. Some of them are easy to reach. Nice Citys to start are Winterberg or Sundern. I think familie friendly means hiking and not climbing.
In HB0 Austenberg is possible. On the way also easy is OE/VB-512 Pfänder.
Thomas DL8DBW

Martin, Thomas

Thanks for the suggestions. I meant summits you can hike and not climb or exposed ridges, summits. The ones you are suggesting seem ok in terms of distance / elevation gain. I will have a detailed look at them.

The WX will have the final word wether we visit or head down straight to EA5.

73 Angel

in OE/VB-region you might want to try:


73 Martin

For OE/VB-509 and -511, here’s a detailed activation report I wrote last year:


Update on our summer trip planning:

  • 28/06 - LX/LX-001 Steekammchen
  • 29/06 - DL/AM-175 Kienberg or summit nearby Neuschwanstein Castle
  • 30/06 - OE/VB-511 Eichenberger Hochberg or 512 Pfander
  • 01/07 - HB0/LI-004 Augstenberg
  • 02/07 - Summit in HB9 nearby TBC
  • 03/07 - I/LO-308 Monte Boletto or summit near Lago di Como
  • 05/07 - EA5/CS-001 Penyagolosa
  • 06/07 - EA5/CS-013 La Rapita
    EA5/CS-??? other CS summits the rest of the week TBC

If anybody has any suggestions for the summits nearby Neuschwanstein Castle and Lago di Como it would be appreciated.

Modes - HF-SSB & CW, 2m - FM

73 Angel & Eva