Possible format errors in exported summit list csv (summitslist.csv)

I’m trying to develop a piece of software which needs the summit list information.
I’m not entirely sure if the file located at http://www.sotadata.org.uk/summitslist.csv is still relevant of if there’re other ways to get this full list of summit.
Anyway the CSV format of that file has some issues. The first I found is that about 8500 summits have no name column, for instance check VK7/WC-163 or W4C/WM-150 (I can provide the full list if needed).
I just wanted to know if there are other sources to get a full summits list export or if there are any chances to get the current one fixed.

Thanks a lot.
IZ1KSW/EA7JUG - Gabriele

VK7/WC-163 doesn’t have a name. In the absence of a recognized name the summit height is substituted. So this summit is called 437 after its height of 437m. The same applies to W4C/WM-150 but because metric mesaurements are less common in the USA, the name is the summit height in feet.

Some of the North American associations allow the 1st activator of an unamed summit to suggest a name. These names are added to the summits database when that association updates its summits.

Oh, I see. I should have checked on the online DB.
Another question. What’s the reason of having some summit names with question marks? I found mostly in Ukraine.
Is that related with the different alphabet?

Thanks a lot.

See this thread:

I’ve read the thread.
Now it makes sense. I’ll wait for the live environment to be fixed.

Thanks again,