Possible first activation of HB/VS-011 Zwillinge/Castor - 4223 M / 13854 ft

Dear all:
Next week, I will be on the Gnifetti hut in the Monte Rosa region (and maybe cross over to the Quintino Sella hut or the Regina Margherita hut, the highest refuge in Europe at 4554 m asl). I will be there with group, and hence focus on the easier summits. Most of the summits we plan to approach are unfortunately not SOTA-worthy (Vincentpyramide, Balmenhorn. Schwarzhorn, Signalkuppe, Ludwigshöhe, Parrotspitze, Zumsteinspitze), despite being more than 4000m in altitude, but there is a modest chance I can find fellows for at least the Castor:

HB/VS-011 Zwillinge/Castor - 4223 M / 13854 ft

This would be the first activation of this pretty well-known summit.

I cannot yet predict if Castor is actually an option nor the exact date - it will be anytime between Monday, August 13, and Thursday, August 16.

There is a minimal chance that I will find fellows to try

Liskamm East, 4527 m / 14852 ft


Dufourspitze, 4634 m / 15203 ft

both unactivated ten-pointers above 4000m. But this is unlikely.

So if you happen to hear my signal between Monday and Thursday, it’s almost certain I am on a 4000+m summit that has so far not been activated.

I think we will be on the summits rather early, maybe around 8:30 CEST, so 6:30 UTC, but this is hard to predict.

My callsign for these summits will be HB9/DK3IT/P.

As usual:

  • CW only
  • 40m (7.031-cw/7.002-cw +/-); maybe 30m (10.118-cw) and 20m (14.060-cw) +/-
  • Please QRS 12 wpm.
  • Please spot me.

I will try to post alerts from the hut.

73 de Martin, DK3IT


Wednesday is the most likely day for this. We will do Signalkuppe (ca.4500 m asl) tomorrow, but it is unfortunately no SOTA summit.
73 de Martin, DK3IT

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I arrived on the Rifugio Quintino Sella and the weather report looks okay, so the activation will likely take place tomorrow. Will post details later today.

Here is a picture of the east ridge which we will take:


Waouuhhh Martin I’ll send QRS for you good safe trip :wink: Eric

I wish that I was free from work, so that I’d have the opportunity to work you… Glad to have caught you on I/VA-115 though, thanks!

Good luck with the climb tomorrow!

Best 73,

Michael PA7MDJ

hi all, i am back safe and sound; the activation was a success - unfortunately I could only handle 6 QSOs because it was very chilly on the summit, my toes were frozen and my fellows were already waiting for me down the route.
sincere apologies to all chasers whom I could not work!
report will follow!
73 de Martin,DK3IT