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Possible Breaches of SOTA Rules

It is with some sadness that the MT has had to respond to accusations that some activators are not observing SOTA rules. The MT has always prided itself that we have not required proof that people are where they claim they are. We feel this policy of trust and belief is something that has helped the SOTA community grew.

For some time the MT refrained from taking action in the belief that the evidence was not strong enough, but the level of disquiet has steadily increased to the point where further inaction would damage SOTA. The MT has now informed three activators that from now on they will have to provide sufficient photographic proof that they were genuinely within the activation zone if they wish to continue participating in the SOTA program.

The MT is requiring of these three activators proof that their activations comply with General Rules and the Code of Conduct provisions 3.7.3 (Pre-amble),, and The MT may at its discretion require that any participant in the SOTA program can demonstrate compliance with the General Rules, but hopes that any further exercise of these powers will not be necessary.

Andy, MM0FMF